Greetings to every Jcard members,

In order to achieve the best quality for our service, Jcard will suspend the sales and service of Jpoint from February 23, 2023 and release our performance guarantee contract with KGI Bank at the same time. Customers will be notified by email or contact number to start applying for the Jpoint refund and fill the form from 16th February to 23rd February 2023. During this time Jpoint can still be used on the platform and make purchases on the platform before the deadline or choose to apply for the refund directly.

Customers have the following two options to fill out the form then request refunds:

1. Check the link from our refund notification mail directly.

2. Log in to Jcard and select the form application from My Jpoint.

After we complete the identity verification, we will refund the Jpoint which are currently held by the member who applied after our internal conversion. Platform will process the refund and empty the account on the 25th of the following month after you submit the application.

If you have any questions please contact us for further information, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Jcard Team